Keyword Selector Tools & Analysis Solutions

Keyword Analysis & Selector Tools

It is critical to define, isolate and optimize for the most productive keyword possible. Not only from your own industry perspective but from the perspective of the major search engines as well. A strong keyword selector tool and analysis application is only one part of successful inbound marketing plan. Finding the "right keywords" on it's own is not enough. The total solution is a complete inbound marketing application that includes your:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Evaluation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing

How could powerful keyword analysis and lead tracking software help your web site? What do the search engines, the blogosphere and world of social media see when they look at your web site now? What leads could be developed here? What needs attention? It is optimized properly? How many other web sites are linking into your web site? Lead tracking software will hold little value if there are no real leads. Don't try to do all this yourself. Inbound marketing has become competitive enough that the older "do it yourself" applications are no longer productive or even useful.

VSS offers complete lead tracking software as part of it's comprehensive inbound marketing solutions. Included in one software application we provide:

  1. Complete CMS (Content Management System)
  2. Keyword Research Tool
  3. Keyword Selector Tool
  4. Keyword Management Tools
  5. Lead Tracking Software
  6. Lead Generation Software
  7. Lead Nurturing Software
  8. ROI Analytics Software
  9. Visibility Tracking & Evaluation Module
  10. Blog Lead Tracking Software
  11. Social Media Lead Tracking Software

Complete keyword ranking report form and we will generate a complete inbound marketing analysis & search engine ranking report. These report will provide you with the the following insights:

  • Real Time Keyword Ranking Positions
  • An over all score from 1 to 100
  • Blog analysis
  • Number of pages Google has in there database
  • Readibility level
  • Condition of SEO (optimization) components
  • Meta tag, heading and image condition
  • Domain and redirect issues
  • MOZ rank
  • Last Google crawl dates
  • Directory recognition
  • Social media status
  • Conversion elements
  • More...
We will email you the results and follow up to schedule a no cost lead tracking software consultation. We are always available to answer all your questions and help you learn as much as possible about Inbound Marketing and how to implement lead tracking software.