Blog For Search Engine Optimization

When you blog for search engine optimization, you are employing one of the most powerful tools in your search engine marketing arsenal.

New Blog Article = New Site Page = New Keyword = New Search Ranking = New Linking Opportunities

Blogging is an excellent way to create the keyword rich content you need to attract readers and visitors to your site. In our view, regular blog posts may be the single most important element of Inbound Marketing. Things to know:

  • Each new blog post is a new site page
  • The more pages indexed by Google, the better
  • Each blog post can reflect 1 or 2 more targeted keywords or keyphrases
  • The blog post can be ranked as a unique page by Google
  • Good blog material will attract inbound links
  • Inbound links are a priority objective

Blog posts or blog articles translates to the expansion and delivery of your compelling content or copy. Remember that the search engine's main function is to connect the search engine user with the most relative content based on the keyword or key phrase entered. One of the many processes (algorithms) that are used evaluates the content for relative subject matter and keyword presence. density and position.

If you plan to blog for search engine optimization, a rule of thumb is to post approximately 3 blog articles each week. Understand that consistency counts and posting 1 blog per week is better than 5 one week, and none the next 2 weeks.

More on frequency of blogging written by HubSpost:

You should blog several times a week. Remember that the main benefits of blogging are increased content for SEO, and material for visitors to read that will help show them your authority. The benefits start to drop off after a post a day though - Google and other search engines can only recrawl your site so quickly, and readers/subscribers to your content can only read so much in a day. The law of diminishing returns definitely applies here - There is only so much benefit to get out of blogging. Optimally, with other people to help you produce consistent content, you should be blogging 3-4 times a week if at all possible.