Internet Marketing Strategy - Blogging For Business

Did you know that almost 40% of businesses in the United States are now using an internet marketing strategy that includes a blog? And, if you are one of these companies, you are experiencing 55% more total website traffic. If you are a B2C business and using a blog for your business, you are securing a staggering 88% more leads each month and if you are a B2B company that number is 67%.

Without knowing anything more than that, wouldn't you want to develop a blog for your internet marketing strategy?

To be clear, we are not telling you that simply adding a blog component to your internet marketing strategy will achieve these very attractive numbers. You not only need to have a blogging strategy, you need to be sure it is optimized for both the major search engines as well as your target audience.

Why is an internet marketing strategy that includes a blog important:

  1. It results in 55% more traffic & 70% more leads
  2. Each blog post equals a new page for Google to index
  3. Business blogs demonstrate authority, expertise & trust
  4. Blog content attracts more links (very beneficial) internet marketing strategy

These are only a handful of reasons to integrate a well optimized blog into your internet marketing strategy. Another way you as a business owner should be looking at this blogging component for your overall internet marketing strategy is that a well written blog post is organically attractive to all major search engines. Without going into great detail, a quality business blog sends a multi-faceted message or statement to Google & other search engines that you are developing your website in a way that is much more aligned with their search criteria. Simply put, a well constructed and maintained blog may be the single most productive element of your total internet marketing strategy.

There are also other eBooks available on our "Free Ebooks" page. You are welcome to download and study them all and believe me, if you do, you will gain more confidence and be much better equipped to construct the internet marketing methodology that fits your company like a glove.