How Do You Know Your SEO Provider Is Performing?

You are making a significant investment in your SEO, Blog Development, Social Media Development and overall Inbound Marketing solutions.

How do you know the job is being done in line with your expectations?

This is a very common question among those organizations that are jumping into the Inbound Marketing revolution. And rightly so. You have the right and the need to monitor and evaluate the performance you're getting from your SEO provider.

That's why we're very proud to announce a new client interface that allows all of our clients access to all details that are related to their Inbound Marketing project. What should you look for when evaluating the performance of your SEO, blog development or social media development firm?

  1. Actual Work Log
  2. An application attached directly to your project(s)
  3. A reputation monitoring method & statistics
  4. The ability to create and place Facebook "Apps".
  5. Is there a "mobile" version of your main site?
  6. Complete PPC management tools, should you choose to include that in your inbound marketing strategy.
  7. Google Analytics integration.
  8. Project management statistics & details.
  9. The quality of the landing pages being developed.
  10. How is your conversion strategy performing?
  11. All monthly reports in one place.
  12. Complete analytics from every angle.

We offer this free download created to give you in overview of this razor's edge client interface.

Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page and we will send you a copy of this overview, or visit our home page for more details on the process of Inbound Marketing.