Types Of Marketing Strategies & Measuring ROI

There are many types of marketing strategies but your inbound marketing analysis is the most important stage.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it".

First is your attraction strategy: How do you attract your target market and preferred audience into your website?
Second is your conversion strategy: How do you entice your new visitors to engage and connect on all of your types of marketing strategies.
Third is your closing strategy: What is the best method to convert your engaged audience to purchase your product or services?
Finally, what is the best method to analyze the first three stages?


The Answers:

  1. As you will find on our "Attract Visitors" page, inbound marketing is all about the attraction methodology and understanding the strategies that allow you to place your message in front of your target audience. This is accomplished through the correct use of search engine optimization, blog development and social media promotion.
  2. Your conversion strategy needs to utilize engagement tactics, compelling content and making it easy for your new visitors to connect and take advantage of your experience and expertise.
  3. The ultimate goal of any inbound marketing campaign (and all types of marketing strategies) is to secure new customers. This is accomplished by creating an effective closing strategy targeted for all of the website traffic you successfully converted from visitor to lead or prospect. This stage of your inbound marketing strategy has many variables that depend on your product or service and your existing sales strategy.
  4. Maybe the most important of all stages is the regular inbound marketing analysis strategy. As Peter Drucker once said... "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it". Using an application like Google Analytics or HubSpot is an absolute must. However, you must always remember that these and any other solution will only measure the activity created in your previous steps but determinations, decisions and the appropriate changes must come from you.

For all types of marketing strategies, measurement is a must. Our recommendation is to learn how or partner with a team like ours that you can depend on to produce all relevant reports and modification guidance.