How To Calculate Your Marketing ROI Objectives

Use this marketing ROI calculator to:

  1. Establish new monthly revenue & marketing ROI goals.

  2. Determine traffic requirements to meet your monthly revenue goals.

  3. Understand the traffic to lead conversion ratio that will help you achieve your marketing ROI goals.

  4. Understand your lead to customer conversion ratios to achieve your marketing ROI goals.

Please note that we strongly advise all clients to consult with a "certified" inbound marketing professional. The technology and competition for Internet real estate (attention) on the major search engines, blogosphere & social media sphere is growing constantly. To achieve your marketing ROI objectives, a complete inbound marketing solution includes not only a targeted SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, but a supporting blog, social media, conversion and real time evaluation strategy.

We offer this inbound marketing ROI calculator to help you understand your traffic and lead requirements as they relate to each other.

Knowledge is power. The Virtual Support System "How To Determine Marketing ROI" calculator was created exactly for this reason.

We are very passionate about educating our clients, subscribers and readers about the process & inbound marketing revolutions and trends.

Download this free Inbound Marketing revenue calculator guide to get a better understanding of the process of establishing your revenue, traffic & lead objectives and how to best evaluate your progress. 

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