Delighting Your Customers Turns Them Into Powerful Marketing Machines

Inbound Marketing Is...

      Attracting Visitors (strangers)
            Converting Visitors Into Leads
                   Closing Leads Into Customers
                          Delighting Customers Into Marketers

attraction marketing strategy









Study and absorb this graphic because it accurately illustrates a successful Internet marketing plan. We can agree that all businesses are different but the inbound or attraction marketing strategy above can be applied to most businesses. The 2 missing elements to make this strategy/plan perform are:

  1. The right technology
  2. The right marketing team

Virtual Support Systems has perfected this process by using The HubSpot Software Application, with our highly trained (HubSpot & UCLA Certified) inbound marketing team that applies each component of the illustration above, for each of our clients. This formula does require customization for each of our clients but that is what makes it perform better than all other applications or strategies we have ever seen.

The "Delighting Customers" element is one of the more interesting aspects of the HubSpot attraction marketing strategy. The idea is relatively simple and is explained like this: When we (Virtual Support Systems) successfully applies this Internet marketing formula, and produces results (traffic, conversions & customers) that exceed our client's expectations, we ask our client to share their experiences. We do it a little differently than you might think. We actually create a structure which becomes an easy way for our clients "share" their delight in the most effective way possible using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube along with any other social media platform that applies and that would be effective. When you make it easy for the client, they are happy to "sing your praises" and when you configure these referrals to be as powerful as possible, in advance, it works even better.