Attracting New Visitors & Converting Traffic Into Qualified Leads

Visitor To Lead Conversion Process

Converting traffic to leads doesn't happen without an effective strategy. There are many methods available to increase website conversions. The best methods will result from your development process. This process will be further developed as you increase your team's analysis skills.

The best conversion rates become the results of accurate data analysis. So, the better the analytics and the better you or your team's ability to analyze all available metrics, the more you will increase website conversions and your overall conversion rate.

Remember the complete attraction marketing process of

  1. Attracting new website visitors
  2. Converting visitors to leads
  3. Closing those leads into customers
  4. Delighting your customers enough that they become evangelists and use social media platforms to promote your products and services.

The above process is a proven attraction marketing formula that works better than most others. It is comprehensive in nature because it takes into account all activity and all opportunities using the most efficient technology.

To review, the first step in developing your organizations inbound marketing strategy is the attraction component. You will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your attraction marketing by all of the individual traffic sources that gain traction and grow. You will want to have a strong analytics application like HubSpot to measure these traffic sources on a daily basis:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic
  3. Referred Traffic
  4. Direct Traffic
  5. Email Campaign Traffic
  6. Social Media Traffic

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